„ This is deeply inspiring and feels so alive.

Thank you for having the courage to step fully into your power and leadership and share the amazing creative vision and energy that you are a channel for.

I am so excited to see the continued unfolding of this beautiful expression and the limitless potentiality for what is able to be created. I love you!! “

Sandie Bershad , healing arts center, Philadelphia

Jessie Hahner is on the search for 2 time Grammy Award Winner Jason Mraz. The option for an interview with Jason turns out to become a 7 year journey to the roots of creativity. With no money in her pockets the german Filmmaker is meeting the most amazing creative souls that life has to offer and get answers to deep questions. 

Confronted with the Leukemia diagnose of her dad right in the starting point of this movie she dives into intimate interviews, synchronistic meetings and an adventure of it´s own. I AM A CREATIVE SOUL is told by life. It leads us unexpectedly to the source of creativity and reminds us that we all have one thing in common: "We are not just human beings, we are creative souls."